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About UpsideDownText.com

Is your sex text-life getting boring? Tired of Times New Roman and Arial?

Well, **** them. Introducing UpsideDownText.com - the text converter, that takes boring ol' letters, and flips them 180 degrees. Whether it be just a word, symbol, or even an essay, we can take what you got, and make it 100x cooler. So WOW your girlfriend, or annoy your teacher, using the fast, simple, free, and totally awesome UpsideDownText.com.

Now the facts: I'll be the first to admit - sites like this are rarely taken seriously. Most such sites are designed by amateur coders, using FrontPage, loads of Google Ads, and a guess-and-check approach to programming. The result is what you'd expect - a website that is functional, but annoying and frustrating to use. It's true, reversing text, or flipping it upside down, is not a complicated task. But it's important that even the simple things be done right. And so in 2009, fed up with the lack of quality resources, I developed UpsideDownText.com. UpsideDownText is committed to doing this service right by providing a clean interface free from ridiculous amount of advertisements, and to giving our users a converter that is flexible and easy to use. In fact, we have designed one of the most polished generators available, and one of the few that can be customized to only return upside down text, or only reverse the text, or even return Unicode escaped HTML.

We sincerley hope that you enjoy using this service. If used properly, it can really spice up your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace pages (or even an e-mail, postcard, or word document). And if you can somehow impress your girlfriend with a simple things like this... well, kudos to you. But please, do not turn in an upside down essay to your teacher...

Have a wonderful day, week, month, year, and life =)